10 janvier 2023

ESNS 2023

More info about the professionnal program

The big showcase festival Eurosonic takes place again in Groningen. Belgium Booms is heading to the Netherlands with a huge delegation of Belgians. No fewer than 19 Belgians will perform, make sure to check them all out. But that’s not all.

Belgium Booms drink & dinner

We’re also organizing a Belgium Booms drink on Thursday 19 january (RSVP here!), starting at 5 pm. On Friday we’re hosting a Belgium Booms dinner for Belgian delegates only.

Book a meeting room

The Social Hub (formerly known as The Student Hotel), will be the Belgian Headquarter during ESNS. The perfect spot to meet Team Belgium Booms or to co-work. For Belgian delegates who want to schedule a meeting, there’s a meeting room available. Please book it via this sheet.


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