01 July 2024

Belgium Booms x Dour Festival 2024

Everything you need to know about the professional program

Belgium Booms will once again be present at this year's edition of Dour Festival to promote our national creations among foreign audiences and professionals, both representing each year a large proportion of the festival’s visitors.  We can connect you with Belgian music professionals and clarify the ins & outs of our remarkably distinctive music scene.

Each day, we will organize receptions (open to accredited professionals of the festival on presentation of their wristband) as well as networking moments between international delegates and managers of Belgian artists who are scheduled to play the festival. Members of the international delegation as well as the professional schedule are listed below.


Professional meetings

Thursday July 18 

Drink Belgium Booms
18:00 → 19:00
@ Dour Expérience Space (next to Last Arena)

Friday July 19

Drink Belgium Booms 
18:00 → 20:00
@ Dour Expérience Space (next to Last Arena)

Saturday July 20

Drink Belgium Booms
18:00 → 19:00
@ Dour Expérience Space (next to Last Arena)

Foreign professionals attending

Perrine Delteil (Europavox, FR)
Paul Bonabesse (We Love Green, FR)
Bénédicte Froidure (MaMA Festival & Convention, FR)
Sandy Boutin (FME, CA)
Camille Guitton (Osheaga, CA)
Sohail Arora (Krunk, IN)
Luca Bocchio Ramazio & Nahid Aliyari (Poplar Festival, IT)
Matilde Cavalli (Panico Concerti, IT)
Nicolas Przeor (Rotondes / Congés Annulés, LU)


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