Press review

Press Review February 2022

Alaska Gold Rush
04.02.22 Alaska Gold Rush : découvrez le morceau « Trampoline » Rolling Stone Magazine
04.02.22 Badi, la puissance afro house & hip-hop Nova
22.02.22 DJ soFa readies sixth Elsewhere compilation The Ransom Note
Endless Dive
15.02.22 Endless Dive: Traumhaftes Postrock-Album Amplified Mag
25.02.22 Endless Dive : "Tout le monde peut se créer son propre univers en écoutant notre musique" RTBF
15.02.22 Post/Math-Rock Quartet ENDLESS DIVE To Release New LP: “A Brief History Of A Kind Human” Cult Artes
Glass Museum
24.02.22 Glass Museum's 'Caillebotis' Is A Beautiful Excursion Clash Magazine
Le Motel
22.02.22 Le Motel s’associe avec le Ghanéen Bryte sur « Wonteeda » Pan African Music
22.02.22 Le Motel: The ‘Shine a Light On’ Mix The Ransom Note
14.02.22 Le Motel: The ‘Shine a Light On’ Mix The Ransom Note
Mathilde Fernandez
15.02.22 Entre concerts enragés et clips stylisés, Mathilde Fernandez, une “chanteuse de guerre” Telerama
21.02.22 Mustii: “This Album Was My Opportunity to Connect With My Uncle and Pay Homage to Him” Enfnts Terribles
22.02.22 Stromae : “Je suis en vie, donc invaincu” Telerama
25.02.22 Avalanche Kaito - Punk Griot Larsen
21.02.22 Weaving History into the Fabric of Life: An Interview with Avalanche Kaito Trial And Error Collective
25.02.22 Doria D - Dans le tempo Larsen
28.02.22 Debuutsingle ML – “Nuit noire” Dansende Beren
Sara Dziri
25.02.22 Self-Portrait: Sara Dziri Stamp The Wax
Hands In Motion
01.02.22 Pan-Global Percussion Trio Hands In Motion Unveils “Dawn” World Music Central
01.02.22 Daily Discovery: Hands in Motion – Unison Rythm Passport

What’s going on: A video selection

This selection of videos will be regularly updated based on interviews, features and clips from artists from the Wallonia-Brussels Federation (Belgium) who are active on international stages.

This month's video clips

Le Motel, Doria D, Condore, Frenetik, Juicy, Avalanche Kaito, Aprile, Yokai, Glass Museum, David Numwami...


Frenetik, David Numwami, Charles,...

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