Voix de Fête 2022

March 14–20 2022
Genève (CH)

Artists from Wallonia
and Brussels

Claire Laffut
Claire Laffut
  • french indie pop

Belgian Artist living in Paris Born in 1994. At the age of 21, Claire Laffut poses on the cover of magazines, has a brand of ephemeral tattoos, sells her paintings, plays in clips and works throughout the world as artistic director. Sharpened, groovy, surprising, modern and immediately endearing, her music feeds on emotional impressions, happy accidents, telescoping ideas, sounds, memories. Fruit of a close collaboration with Tristan Salvati, producer and multi-instrumentalist Read more on Last.fm


Pierres is Pierre Leroy's solo project, launched last January and escaped from the band AZERTY just one year ago. Finalist that same year of the competitions 'des concours Du F. dans le texte et Parcours Francofaune'. He has since then revealed his universe made (according to him) of uncomplicated and intimate popette songs.

Ivan Tirtiaux
Ivan Tirtiaux

« A childhood passed in the theatre amongst actors, musicians and craftsmen gave Ivan Tirtiaux his first taste of music.

Sung in his deep, supple voice in his native french he has created a unique kind of ‘folk nouveau’ drawing equally on chanson française, folk, blues and latin music. Both chiselled and organic, poetic and precise, a rich spectrum of experience is refracted through his sparse narratives.

After « l’Envol » in 2015, Ivan Tirtiaux now presents « L’oasis » (out on the 3rd of may 2019), a new album of worldly and other-worldly reflections distilled into 8 shots of knowing tenderness, light and shade.

His voice of brandy and torn velvet stands comparison with John Martyn, his melodic sophistication and harmonic depth with Jeff Buckley. The whole is imbued with Tirtiaux’s meticulous lyrical vision and feline grace, and laced with delicate orchestrations that shimmer like ice palaces in the sun ».

Professional Activities

Voix de Fête will take place from March 14 to 20 in Geneva, Switzerland. Among the scheduled artists for this 24th edition are Claire Laffut, Piwi Leman and Pierres.

Bars en Fête are also back to complete the "in" program with concerts in various venus and bars in the city. Crolles, Daniel Hélin, Bini & Ivan Tirtiaux are the artists from Wallonie-Brussels who are scheduled to play. The professional days will take place from Friday March 18, 2022 to Saturday March 19.

The following professionals have been supported for this event: Alix Hammond-Merchant (NaFF), Manu Mainil (Du Vent Dans Les Cordes), Julien Piret (Un Soir Autour du Monde), Marie Delaby (Pastel Sunset).

Voix de Fête

Created in 1999, Voix de Fête is one of the most important festival of French-speaking contemporary music in Switzerland.

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