Dour Festival 2022

July 13–17 2022
Action WBM
Dour (BE)

Artists from Wallonia
and Brussels


Angèle Van Laeken, born 3 December 1995, better known by her stage mononym Angèle, is a Belgian singer-songwriter, musician, pianist, record producer and actress.  She was one of 2018's biggest breakout acts in French and Belgian pop, breaking Stromae's record for weeks at the top of the Belgian singles charts with her 2018 single "Tout oublier" which features her brother, Roméo Elvis.

Ascendant Vierge

Since 2019, Goth-Pop singer Mathilde Fernandez and Casual Gabbers’ Producer Paul Seul have been working together under the alias ascendent vierge. The unique sound they create through their collaboration is a progressive but distinct hybrid between Gabber and Pop featuring Mathilde’s ethereal vocals in French.

Avalanche Kaito

Kaito Winse, a young griot from Burkina Faso based in Brussels teams up with two musicians from the European underground scene. This avalanche of pure data with post punk attitude mingled with ancestral roots could be called « Griot Punk Noise ».

Commander Spoon

The Brussellians of Commander Spoon interlace their eclectic wealth of influences into an energetic jazz sound, respectfully demolishing walls between jazz, hip hop, rock and electronica.


ECHT! is a band from Brussels. Inspired by the concepts that you can find in electronic music and effects of musical production, they steal those languages and apply them to their music. With their totally home-made sound they play their set like a DJ.

Glass Museum

The ultimate modern marriage between pure traditional jazz, orchestral arrangements, and the mathematics of electronic music, Belgian instrumental duo Glass Museum are set to release their sophomore album ‘Reykjavik’ on the 27th March via Sdban Ultra. Since 2016, Glass Museum’s raw, sunny energy has been uniting the surgical precision of the best contemporary jazz, à la Gogo Penguin and Badbadnotgood, with the electronic influences of Jon Hopkins or Floating Points.


Hamza Al-Farissi (Arabic: حمزة الفارسي‎; born 1 August 1994), better known by the mononym Hamza, is a francophone Belgian rapper, singer and beatmaker. Hamza is signed to Rec. 118 and Warner Music. Born in Laeken to parents of Moroccan origin, he formed the hip hop band Kilogramme Gang as an adolescent with his friends Triton and MK. He also used the logo "Saucegod". The band released the urban project Gotham City Vol. 1. Hamza composed the beats used by the band. Read more on


Tukan blends jazz and post rock music to take you into an organic and computerless electronic journey.


Frenetik is a Belgian rapper who has made a name for himself in the music industry via his immense determination. He released his first album “Jeu de couleurs” in 2021.


Combining electronic music, hip hop, European and African influences, M I M I always finds a way to raise the temperature on the dance floor. She is a member of the LDC (Lait de Coco) collective, where she plays alongside Labok and Jeune Clyde, as resident DJ at The Word radio or on tour with Martha Da’Ro.


Following a passion for the empowering perreo that started in the 00s at her teenage parties in Galicia, Spanish MC and DJ Clara! blends revolt, sex and humor on reggaeton/rap mutant rhythms with a punk spirit and a feminist foundation. For this infectious and twisted take on the gender she joins forces with eclectic producers including Pearson Sound, Low Jack and Maoupa Mazzocchetti.

Her DJ sets consist of wide ranging, tempo hopping mixes, lead by her hispanic roots, a blind curiosity, fun and a deep love of dancing. Her iconic “Reggaetoneras” mixtapes compiled 100% female reggaeton MCs with rhythms from the ‘90s up to the modern day. Crammed with rude drums and hooks levered from major dance hits, and sandwiched with skits and personal edits.


Neoacid Jacidorex is a young producer from Brussels who has taken the acid scene by storm. After discovering acid music by producers like Mr. Gasmask and Acidolido in late 2013 he soon became one of the exponents of the fresh and strong generation of acid producers in Belgium with likeminded producers like Epidemie or JKS. Next to his passion for acid music he also got a strong taste for techno, and where techno meets acid(core) comes Neoacid, which he describes as a mixture of all kinds of acid, industrial techno and even dark electro.

DJ Nesia

Nesia has been an important player on the Brussels Drum and Bass scene since 2008. He began his career in 2008 and very quickly arranged his first evenings, eventually creating in 2009 his "Drumstep Crew" team, with which he staged many Drum and Bass and dubstep shows. He mixes jump up, Drum and Bass and liquid jungle with unerring skill!

Roméo Elvis

Roméo Johnny Elvis Kiki Van Laeken, (born 13 December 1992), better known by his stage name Roméo Elvis, is a Belgian rapper and hip hop artist.

His career began with the release of two EPs in 2013 and 2014, titled Bruxelles c'est devenu la jungle and Famille nombreuse. In 2016, his album EP Morale was released. In 2017 and 2018, two more albums were released: Morale 2 and his reissue Morale 2 luxe (released from his collaboration with producer Le Motel). He has close connections with Belgian band L'Or du Commun, duo Caballero & JeanJass, and French rapper Lomepal.

Caballero & JeanJass

Having already made notable waves as solo artists, Spanish-born Caballero chanced upon Belgian producer and rapper Jean Jass at a radio show in 2011. Since their meeting, the two embarked on a union that marked a much-needed playfulness in the Belgian scene. Citing East Coast rappers as key influences, the pair’s tracks highlight Brussel's take on women, drugs and the police in rap music.


The craziest girl in the block is throwing the best and more tasteful parties in Brussels, such as the “ Dance Resurrection ”, “ Bénédiction – Rituels Exceptionnels ”, and the “ PINK NIGHT : Closing party of Pink Screens Film Festival ” is also a Kiosk Radio resident.

Her unlimited “power of love” brings the partygoers into an incredible trip through the music. Producer, keyboardist, DJ, and sound engineer, this multi-talented artist has performed in the best international venues like : Dour Festivall, CONCRETE, Wanderlust Paris, C12, Couleur Café – official, Listen Festival, Les Nuit blanches (Paris)… as different names : Dance Resurrection Crew, Dj LovePills and the Cosmic Queen, The Mafia Sauce Killers…

David Numwami

If you're attuned to the ins and outs of the French pop scene then Brussell-based solo artist David Numwami might be someone you've come across. The musician is ill-afraid to be extravagant and decorative, with complex layers seemingly infinite and dream-like. Numwami is a connoisseur of tone and melody; evoking so much feeling through his fingertips.


Solo project of drummer Alain Deval (The Brums, Ginger Bamboo, Quart, Anu Junnonen…). Bothlane is a blend between drums and modular synth, getting its roots in trans and dance music. Bothlane is inspired by techno and afro/jazz rythms, and by musical textures. No boundaries, just a unique and vivid way to approach music and sound.

Youssef Swatt's

The Belgian rapper from Tournai always uses his bitter pen to describe the daily life of a generation divided between dream and reality. With two EPs and two albums to his name, he recently made his comeback with two singles, “Remonter le Temps” which sounds like a retrospective reflection on his youth and his latest single “Quelques Notes Suffisent”.

DC Salas

DC Salas is Diego Cortez Salas, a Belgian DJ and producer with Peruvian origins. As a DJ, DC Salas loves to mix it up. He plays everything from house and new beat to disco and percussive beats. He’s released EPs and remixes on prestigious labels such as Relish, Toys For Boys, petFood, Kill The DJ, B-Pitch Control, Correspondant and of course Biologic Records, the label he co-runs since 2012. It’s there that he has released his first album “The Unspoken LP” in 2017. 


DJ/Producer LEFTO started in 1996. His father had to borrow money from the bank to buy two turntables to his son. And here he is. He learned his first scratches and mix techniques with AKRO of Starflam. LEFTO finished an album of remixes called “Out Of The Blue” for the prestigious jazz label BLUE NOTE in 2005 and dropped an ep of instrumental beats in the same period, a well-demanded record in Japan. The record has been re-released as a box-version for Blue Note Records in 2007. Read more on

Mika Oki

Mika Oki is a visual artist, Dj and producer born in Paris. With a background in sculpture and electro-acoustic music, she explores the notion of intangible spaces and emotional landscapes through AV installations, music and mixes. As a DJ, Mika Oki knows how to surprise the dance floor with a selection ranging from jungle, uk bass and gqom to dark electro, mesmerising trance and heavy EBM. By animating a wide range of voice samples, experimental sounds and electroacoustic music extracts, she plays like a sculptor with a duty to create an unsettling atmosphere.

Kuna Maze

Through his journey to an introspective electronic bass music, Kuna Maze found his base in Brussels. The French born producer, as many of his generation, found a true inspiration in the beat scene in Los Angeles (2007-2012). He’s telling his story to the audience by using the dancefloor as a tool to connect with them. Kuna Maze is a pretty shy guy. Going into different music institutions in France: Conservatoire de Lyon et Conservatoire de Chambéry where he learned Jazz trumpet. Read more on

Reinel Bakole

Instinctive and avant-garde, Reinel Bakole is a multidisciplinary artist whose free spirit leaves no one indifferent.


Composed of Julie Rens and Sasha Vovk, Juicy is a female power duo from Belgium that delivers nostalgia-infused futuristic R&B. Starting their career in 2016 playing parties in Brussels, they’ve built a name for themselves throughout Europe. Attracting loyal fans in major cities like Paris, Juicy’s hype is infiltrating ultra-hip dancefloors.


Brussels-based OTON is an essential part of the scene. Under his new Alliance Club label, he releases EPs and singles showcasing his appetite for melancholic and rhythmic melodies.

Green Montana

A glistening career in the rap world awaits this rapper who is THE rapper to watch out for at the moment. We are not the only ones to say this since it was Isha who first spotted the talent of Green Montana, which then led to him becoming the Duke's protege and signing to his 92i label. He had his breakout with 'ALASKA' (2020), an album with cold, captivating, melancholic music but always with sharp melodies and an inimitable flow.


Between acoustic and electronic neo soul, Stace introduces us to a special place of vulnerability, authenticity and femininity.

Naomie Klaus

Naomie Klaus is a French music producer and singer, based in Brussels. Considering herself a failed actress, she constructs her music in the form of stories and micro-sequences in which she has fun performing different characters with her voice. She evokes an otherworldly fairytale for adults, where the princesses one meets are hysterical, armed and badly dressed nymphomaniacs.

Gotti Maras

Member of the band Elengi Ya Trafic, the Brussels rapper of Congolese origin, Gotti Maras, has quickly become a big talent to follow in the rap game. His series of freestyles in “Bx Drill”, where he unveils his universe and his talent, has garnered millions of views on YouTube and also has more than a million streams on Spotify. He recently released his latest project, “Survival Instinct”, a mixtape filled with powerful flows that Gotti produces so well.

Edouard van Praet

Edouard van Praet dévoilait en 2021 son premier EP indie rock « Doors ». Résultat d’introspections, de diverses névroses et de psychoses, ce 1er EP réalisé entièrement seul était un hommage aux ballades de Leonard Cohen, aux top hits kitch des Beatles ou à l’univers psychédélique des années 60 - le tout avec une pointe d’humour dandy et d’auto-dérision. « Doors », mettait en scène divers personnages confrontés à leurs crises existentielles dans une solitude parfois consolante, parfois glaçante. La suite mettra cette solitude en rapport avec le monde extérieur et tout ce que cela implique : oppositions, conflits, fusions apaisantes… Il s’entoure à présent de musiciens tout aussi névrosés que lui pour ses concerts. Une énergie électrique, démente, un univers pop rock alternatif pluriel.
Les rappeurs le détestent. Il les adore.

Many flemish artists are also scheduled to play including Charlotte Adigéry & Bolis Pupul, Promis3, Amélie Lens, Yung Mavu, The Haunted Youth, MEYY, Sylvie Kreusch, Chibi Ichigo, Stikstof, Alia, Frontal Soundsystem and more.

The Rockamadour stage, a small oasis hidden at the heart of the festival, will also be back with Kiosk Radio at its helm. In this intimate location, camouflaged by sea containers, you will find the best local and upcoming artists, curated in collaboration with Belgium’s finest webradio, Kiosk Radio

Including : Supafly Collective, Les Cyclades,
DJ Kwak, LUVGANG, Mickey & Jim Becker, Otis, Nosedrip, Kuba'97, Mitch, CZLT, DayaHuasca & Flo Canté, Dana Kuehr, Eclipse Tribez, Bjeor, Anterior Insula, The Revolving Eyes, Onohno, HE4RTBROKEN Dj's, Think Outside The Kiosk by Lefto Earlybird, Naomie Klaus,...

Professional Activities

Dour Festival is back with an XXL edition after 2 years of absence. We will once again be partners of the festival and present on site with professionals from Wallonia and Brussels and international delegates under the Belgium Booms banner.

Find out more about the Belgian line-up here.

Professional meetings

Thursday July 14

Meetings between international delegates and Belgian managers (*invitation only)
14:00 → 15:00
@ Espace Pro / Presse

Drink Belgium Booms
18:00 → 19:00
@ The Square

Friday July 15

Meeting between international delegates and Belgian managers (*invitation only)
14:00 → 15:00
@ Espace Pro / Presse

Drink Belgium Booms x Fifty Lab
18:00 → 19:00
@ The Square

Saturday July 16

Meeting between international delegates and Belgian managers (*invitation only)
13:30 → 14:30
@ Espace Pro / Presse

Drink Sabam For Culture x Playright +
16:00 → 18:00
@ The Square

Sunday July 17

Meeting between international delegates and Belgian managers (*invitation only)
13:30 → 14:30
@ Espace Pro / Presse

Drink Belgium Booms
18:00 → 19:00
@ The Square

Foreign professionals attending

Benedicte Froidure (MaMA Festival, FR) (14 & 15.07)
Mathieu Gervais (Les Transmusicales, FR) (14 & 15.07)
Perrine Delteil (Les 3 Elephants, FR) (14, 15, 16 & 17.07)
Brent Oostrom (Tivoli Vredenburg / Roadburn Festival / Le Guess Who?, NL) (16 & 17.07)
Benjamin Mialot (Crossroads Festival, FR) (15 & 16.07)
Alain Brohard (L'Autre Canal, FR) (13, 14, 15, 16 & 17.07)
Laurent PHILIPPE (Le Confort Moderne, FR) (13, 14 & 15.07)
Grace PULUCZEK (Future Echoes, SE) (14 & 15.07)
Andy Jones (Focus Wales, UK) (14, 15 & 16.07)
Alice Boinet (Festival ArtRock, FR) (14, 15 & 16.07)
Marine Le Gohebel (Telerama, FR) (14, 15 & 16.07)
Jean Victor Chapus (So Press, FR) (15 & 16.07)
Sara Castiglioni (Terraforma Festival, IT) (15 & 16.07)
Taavi Esperk  (Tallinn Music Week, EE) (14, 15, 16 & 17.07)
Mathieu Duffaud (HopHopHop, FR) (14, 15, 16 & 17.07)
 Clementine Briend (Nitsa / Primavera Festival, ES) (14, 15, 16 & 17.07)
Westerik Maurits (Best Kept Secret, NL) (14 & 15.07)
Ross Cotton (Cargo Records, DE) (14 & 15.07)
Felix Feldhaus (Backspin, DE) (14 & 15.07)
Manfred Tari (Reeperbahn Festival, DE) (14 & 15.07)
Ronja Koch (Diffus Mag, DE) (14 & 15.07)
Wido von Wienskowski (RBK Fusion, DE) (14 & 15.07)
Lennart Siebels (Budde Music, DE) (14 & 15.07)
Ida Sällinen (Factory 92, DE) (14 & 15.07)


Dour Festival

Dour Festival is a multi-genre music festival in the city of Dour, Belgium. With over 180,000 visitors spread over 5 days is Dour one of the biggest outdoor festival in the Benelux, after Pukkelpop and Rock Werchter.